Meet Ashish

At work, I'm empowered to… 

Express ideas in product meetings and think out of the box.
Run projects independently by taking complete ownership.
​​​​​​​Drive my own skill development plans

Describe your role in one sentence...

Engineering the most feasible Security Automation solutions for business and clients by analyzing their security infrastructure and platforms.

You would describe your team as…

A group of highly skilled professionals from diverse information security backgrounds, working towards the common goal of automating security infrastructure related use cases.

Best advice you have received while working at NTT Ltd…


You have to always keep learning to set yourself apart.


Skills you are currently working on…

As a Senior Security Automation Engineer, I strategize and develop automation use cases for Global SOC that includes the work related to Threat Hunting and SOC Investigations. My primary skills include Cloud Security, SOAR, SIEM, EDR, Python, AWS, TI and TH.
I am also learning IoT, IIOT and OT/ICS Security.

After work we can find you…


I like to spend my time learning new technologies, so one can always trace me either on O’Reilly, Github or Medium blogs. I am an Open Source fanatic and I love to write and read about technology related articles. I also have my own Medium Blog and technology stack running in AWS account for my personal learnings.

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