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Be part of a pioneer, working with leading clients and partners across multiple technologies.​​​​​


Explore a Career in Technology

In a world of constantly advancing technologies, we value innovation, trouble shooting, collaboration, and continual learning as the essential skills needed to solve some of the world's biggest business and societal problems. 

Our teams of highly skilled and experienced technology experts are trusted partners to our clients, helping them deliver their business ambitions.

Continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible across multiple technology domains, our technical teams are exposed to cutting-edge technology, world-class vendors and clients, as well as opportunities to learn from a community of skilled, smart, and talented colleagues.

Here you can be part of a pioneer that is continually being recognized as an industry leader by the likes of Gartner, Boston Consulting Group and the International Data Corporation (IDC).

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​​​​​​​See what our employees have to say
“The thing about NTT that I've always loved is our culture, we have some of the best people in the business and it's really a family atmosphere. NTT has always been great about making sure employees have a great work life balance.  There's really nothing that we can't do and that's what makes it exciting for me to work here. ”
Tom Surian - Managing Solutions Architect
 “At NTT we are challenged to live up to our potential. Together we are pooling our talents and efforts for a greater outcome that surpasses what any single person could ever achieve alone.”
Libuše Bartoňová - MS Operations Manager
“I am proud to be in a role that supports the Tour de France, remotely and from South Africa. It's had an immense impact on growing my technical skills and developing me as an IT professional. I have grown in leaps and bounds since I started working on the Tour de France, both my technical and soft skills. Working at NTT is rewarding and extremely satisfying.”
Chester Kirkwood - Data Engineer, Applications & Cloud
 “Working at NTT has been a challenging and rewarding journey with abundant opportunities. I am grateful for the thoughtful leadership and impactful work in this dynamic tech landscape.”
Eirini KourkoutaTechnical Team Leader
“What anchors me to NTT is the dynamic leadership that nurtures creativity for innovation and fosters trust. Also knowing that I can contribute passionately to the company makes every day exciting. With NTT I can truly be myself and with all the support and development offered, I believe I can grow even more.”
Rino Miraz - Architecture Director
“NTT is an organization where you can find opportunities and where growth is encouraged.”
Jessica KloAutomation Engineer
“At NTT, we value our people. They are not only diverse and inspiring, but also experts at what they do. In these times, it is required that we are able to reshape, reinvent and rethink everything that we do. The culture at NTT is one that values personal development, trust and integrity. Employees are empowered to innovate and to drive excellence.”
Chetan Kumar Malviya VP Service Delivery
“When I meet with our engineering partners and I look around the boardroom on their side, I am reminded how I am trusted by NTT as a woman in technology and to be part of leading transformation initiatives. NTT recognises that women bring a different dimension to the table, and I know that at NTT, I can do anything.”
Linda van Hemert - Senior VP - I&T Digital Business & Data Solution Engineering
“During my time with NTT, I have been given unlimited opportunities to grow my career. I am based in Jakarta, Indonesia as part of the APAC team, but we are a global community of NTT employees, and we work together with our colleagues across the world to achieve the goals of the organisation. It feels amazing to be a part of an organization making a difference globally and where I feel that my contribution matters."
Humala Pontas TS Implementation Engineer
 “Joining NTT has been an incredible career opportunity to be part of a vital generational national infrastructure project.”
Terence Palmer Senior Service Delivery Manager