Careers in Sales

Develop, grow and make a difference to our clients and society. ​​​​​


Explore a Career in Sales

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, we value listening, problem solving, collaboration, and continual learning as the essential skills needed to build and maintain strong client relationships. Spending time understanding our clients’ businesses and the needs of their customers is core to how we sell at NTT. 

Working with some of the smartest minds across top Fortune 500 companies and beyond, we use technology to transform their business, society, and the planet for the better.

This is the exposure our Sales teams get, as we work to make a difference to our clients by solving their business challenges and meeting the needs of their customers.

With world-class solutions and services and the support of highly skilled and experienced cross-functional teams, the opportunities for growth, development, and networking are endless.   

Here you can be part of a winning sales team.

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A world of experience
In an ever-changing world, we use innovative technology to enable our people to do their jobs from anywhere.

Hear from Marilyn Chaplin, CHRO of NTT Ltd. about why Employee Experience matters and the importance of flexibility in the workplace.
People. Planet. Potential. Working together to enable the connected future.

Through our solutions, operations and people, we connect the planet, economies and communities in innovative and 
sustainable ways that positively impact the world.

View the video to learn more about our sustainability ambition
See what our employees have to say
“As an employee of NTT, you can make an impact! Being in a client-facing role is not just about growing the brand of NTT, it’s also about delivering robust revenues into NTT group and there is always an opportunity to give back to local communities through volunteering schemes, which is something that I am incredibly proud of.”
James Devlin - Sales Director
 “What is really exciting about working as a client manager for NTT is working closely with a variety of clients and helping them to achieve their goals. We are committed to building strong relationships with our clients and constantly learning and developing ourselves in order to make sure that we are providing the right solution to our clients, enabling them to transform and to grow their businesses.”
Inès Mechri - Client Manager
“I've had the privilege of working for some top IT companies in South Africa but for me what makes NTT is that I have always felt so welcome. The culture is amazing, diverse and welcoming and I derive great value from working with and learning from a variety of different people. ”
Mape Modiba- Senior Sales Specialist
“As a sales leader at NTT, I feel are part of something great! The positive impact we make comes from connected communities of experts and the learnings from the smartest minds in the industry. At NTT you can be a pioneer, make a difference, grow and truly feel that you belong.”
Junaid Mohamed - Senior Sales Manager: Security
 “I never imagined that a career in sales would take me on such an incredible journey. I have been enabled to achieve great things, have amazing experiences, grow as a person, and contribute to my company in ways I never thought possible. I truly believe that here at NTT you can reach your full potential and it is one of the best places for a dynamic career in sales!”
Taryn Brophy - VP Sales Enablement and Talent Transformation
“In the modern world, technology touches just about every aspect of our lives. At NTT, we touch just about every aspect of technology. So, we have a great opportunity to provide better outcomes to our customers, their customer’s customers’ and to make for a better world and to serve the communities that we're a part of.”
Jonathon Sellers - Area Vice President, Sales
“NTT is an incredible place to learn, grow, engage, and contribute! My journey includes multiple roles across multiple countries, and in each case, I had an opportunity to make a difference.”
Gary Middleton - Vice President: Networking GTM
 “I decided to return to NTT for the people, culture and the opportunity to lead new innovative, challenging projects. NTT is on its accelerated journey to become the leading global IT service provider and I am excited to rejoin at the right time and be a part of that journey!”
Raghav Sukhwal Sr Technology Sales Specialist